2016-17 Monthly Meeting Schedule


    Teaching Fellows Program – Monthly Meetings Schedule 2016-17

                   DATE                     PD #                              TOPIC                                                             PRESENTER

September 9, 2016



 Meet and Greet/FERPA Regulations


 Rachael Cutcher,  Freyja Pereira,  Steering Committee

 October 7, 2016


 How People Learn: Cognitive Styles; Brain  Development/mindset; Approaches to  learning

 Eric Thompson,  Sarah Jones, Julie  Muzzatti

 November 4, 2016


 Student Populations, Diversity, and  Stereotypes: Challenged students;  Underrepresented students

 Dean Gooch

 December 2, 2016


 Planning a Lecture/Activities

 Laura Downing Lee,  Lynda Williams

February 3, 2017


 What Makes a Good Environment:  Creativity; Multiple Sensory Stimulation

 Jonathon Marhenke,  Laura Sparks

March 3, 2017


 Reality of Academic Life, Entry Points,  Pathways; Tenure; Academic Freedom; Job  Opportunities

 Sal Diaz, Kent  Wisniewski, Debbie  Albers

April 7, 2017


 Reality of Academic Life, Entry Points,  Pathways (continuation of the March  meeting discussion)

 Sal Diaz, Kent  Wisniewski, Debbie  Albers

May 5, 2017


 Celebration of Accomplishments

 Faculty Mentors,  Student Fellows,  Steering Committee,  and President Chong