The SRJC Teaching Fellowship is a merit-based award for students who wish to explore teaching and scholarly careers (pre-K through higher education) in a hands-on mentorship program. SRJC Teaching Fellows undertake a full-year experience in a specific academic setting (e.g., a course, laboratory, library, museum, etc.) under the direction of a Faculty Mentor.

Through working with the mentor and participation in other Teaching Fellows Program activities, each SRJC Teaching Fellow learns about best practices in teaching, working with diverse populations, and educating students in our changing world. The program also enriches Faculty Mentors by encouraging reflection about their own teaching philosophy, as well as their ideas about students, learning, and education as a career.

Because the Teaching Fellowship is a full-year experience, applications are considered only during the spring semester for students participating during the following academic year.


Award Amount & Number of Awards:

Fellows accepted into the most recent cohort were awarded $4050, paid in installments over the academic year. The Teaching Fellows Program accommodates up to 15 Fellows each year.


“The opportunity to gain real classroom experience was priceless. I now know the work involved with being a professor. The grading, office hours, planning, all of it. If it wasn't for this program, I would still wonder if teaching was for me. Now I know that I love it, and have started building a toolbox of skills to make me effective.  Seeing students succeed has been thrilling. Being able to assist in the endeavor of intellectual equity has been my highest honor. Even on hard days, or when people were struggling with course content, it was an amazing experience working with them. I loved it!” - Past Teaching Fellow