Faculty Mentor Information

Faculty Mentors’ time commitment and participation requirements:

  • Clearly and specifically communicate roles, responsibilities, and agreements between the Teaching Fellow and Mentor.
  • Schedule and hold an adequate number of meetings with the Teaching Fellow so that both parties are clear about the meaning of the work they are doing together and its relevance to the student’s exploration of a career in education.
  • Give the Teaching Fellow specific tasks that are in line with the established goals. Most students won’t have experience in a classroom setting other than as a student, so Mentors will need to guide students in what to do and how to do it.
  • Prepare the Teaching Fellow for optimal observation and interaction by sharing written materials about rules, course syllabus, and other relevant information.
  • Serve as a role model and give guidance to the Teaching Fellow as they explore the possibilities of a career in education.
  • Supply a breadth of activities for the Teaching Fellow. When appropriate, activities should include opportunities to directly lecture or lead educational activities.

Mentoring also enriches faculty members by encouraging reflection about their own philosophy of teaching and ideas about students, learning, and education as a career.

Mentors must attend the following required program meetings:

  • A facilitated reflection and conversation with other Faculty Mentors (9-11 am, first Friday of classes during the Fall semester)
  • An orientation meeting for Mentors and Fellows (9-11am, first Friday in September)
  • Wrap-up celebration and reflection for Mentors and Fellows (9-11 am, first Friday of May)
  • Facilitate one or two cohort meetings during the program year, possibly in collaboration with other Faculty Mentors. 
  • Mentors are welcome and encouraged to attend all cohort meetings 9-11am on the first Friday of each month during the school year when classes are in session.

teaching fellows meeting